TRUEMILLER - Circular MIL Master

TRUEMILLER - Circular MIL Master

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This tool measures:
  • Target sizes from 10 cm - 200 cm
  • Distances from 100 m - 2000 m
  • MIL from 0.25 MIL - 5.0 MIL
  • 12 x 12 x 0.1 cm ; 99.8 g

The locking screw in the middle allows for a fast lock of the discs so your values does not change accidentally. 

How to use: - also watch video below 

  • Start with finding your target size on the outer disc/scale labeled ¨Target size in cm¨
  • Measure the target with your scope and estimate how many MIL's it is.
  • Turn the inner disc/scale labeled ¨MIL¨ until your MIL value and target size are perfectly aligned and read the distance in the window ¨Distance¨
    • Example:
    • We have a target size that is 75 cm and find it on the outer disc/scale. We estimate that the target is 1.4 MIL in our scope.
    • Turn the inner disc/scale until 1.4 MIL is aligned with 75 cm and read in the window ¨Distance¨.
    • It should say 535 m.
  • If the distance is known, you can easily calculate the target size by putting the correct distance in the window ¨Distance¨, then measure the MIL and see where it align on the outer disc/scale.
    • Example:
    • We know the distance is 800 m, set the window ¨Distance¨ on 800m. We estimate MIL to 1.5 MIL. 1.5 aligns perfectly on 120 cm on the outer ¨Target size¨ scale.
  • Simple guide for reading wind from different directions. A 5 m/s wind from 3 o'clock is fully compensated - i.e. 5 m/s - but if it comes from 1 o'clock you just take 1/2 value of 5 m/s = 2.5 m/s.
  • Simple guide for shooting uphill or downhill. Shooting 30° downward you take your distance X 0.87.

Designed and Manufactured by Galgäsen AB, Sweden.


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