2.8 - 20 x 50 SCOPE
2.8 - 20 x 50 SCOPE

2.8 - 20 x 50 SCOPE

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Blaser hunting and target optics are second to none. Only in combination with top-class target optics can hunters use the potential of their Blaser rifle to the fullest. The function and handling of Blaser optics are perfectly tuned to the use in the field.

The design of the Blaser riflescope is optimally aligned with the Blaser firearm, the result is a combination of unparalleled elegance and performance.

Blaser make the best hunting rifles in the world and also offer exquisite shotguns, combination guns, single shot rifles, hunting optics, outdoor clothing and lifestyle products.

Hi-tech, precision crafted, high performance, unique design and high class are what set Blaser apart. 

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