Sizes & Weights


Leg lengths closed 28 inches extended 50 Inches, 71 cm to 127 cm.
Working heights 25 inches to 47 inches, 63.5cm to 120cm.
1350 grams (47.61oz)


Leg lengths closed 31 inches extended 61 inches, 79 cm to 155 cm. 
Working heights 32 inches to 67 inches, 84cm to 170 cm.
1550 grams (54.60oz)


Leg lengths closed 7 to 9 inches, 17.8cm to 22.8cm
500 grams (17.6oz)


Additionally, the tripod legs can also be removed individually from the head unit, so that it can also be used as a large bipod for seated, kneeling or standing shots, where quicker deployment is required.


Capable of being configured in 'field' conditions as a tripod, bipod or mono-pod for rifle use. It can also be instantly adapted to allow the mounting of spotting scopes, cameras, thermal imaging, night vision, anemometers and other devices.

The unique design enables an attached rifle to traverse through a full 360-degree arc, whilst remaining very firmly attached to the head unit. This creates an incredibly smooth & stable shooting platform, making successive shots on multiple targets achievable & reliable.

This design also allows an attached rifle a wide range of elevation & depression for real world hunting situations. A high degree of rifle cant is also facilitated using the innovative swivel head design, for where a level surface is difficult to achieve.

Sentinel Tripods

  • Each 'Sentinel' is hand built

    The Spartan Sentinel head unit & 'Swivel Head' are CNC  machined in six separate components using very high grade AL7075-T7351 aerospace quality aluminium.

    This provides high strength without weight penalty. It is one of the highest strength aluminium alloys available, with a 45% higher yield strength than austenitic stainless steels.

    The steel components are manufactured from high quality Stainless steel 316 (1.4401)

    The system uses an innovative & world patented magnetic attachment using rare earth N52 Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, which provide the consistent power.

    The N52 is presently the most powerful grade of Neodymium, and does not degrade with time or use.

    Multi layered aerospace quality pultruded carbon-fibre.

    By ensuring a rigorous manufacturing process, they are able to offer carbon fibre legs with the necessary stiffness & superior strength to support a rifle or optics system.  

    The weight of carbon-fibre is about 60% that of aluminium.

    The new leg top sections are machined to thread easily & securely into the head unit of the system.

    This component is also CNC machined in from high quality 7075-T7351 aluminium billet.

    These are now produced as a two part unit that that is both threaded & bonded into the carbon leg stanchion for exceptional strength & durability.

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