This is our LONG version giving an extended ground to stock height of 22-32cm (8.5-13") and less than 24cm (9.5") in your pocket. Comes with 1 x Universal Adaptor.

• Stainless steel 316 (1.4401)
• Aluminium 7075-T7351
• Carbon-fibre
• N52 Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets
The materials ensure a very light and corrosion resistant product.
Stainless steel S316 is marine-grade austenitic stainless steel which means it has a very high resistance to corrosion.
Aluminium grade AL7075-T7351 is aerospace quality aluminium, and one of the highest strength aluminium alloys available, with a 45% higher yield strength that austenitic stainless steels.
Carbon-fibre is exceptionally light, almost as light as any plastic, but immensely strong and stiff. The weight of carbon-fibre is about 60% that of aluminium.
N52 is presently the most powerful grade of Neodymium.

Surface Treatments

The corrosion resistance of the product is extremely important to guarantee the long-life of the bipod.
The aluminium is protected by hard black anodising. This is a very robust and durable surface treatment. This coating is harder than tool steel, with hardness of 65 Rockwell C where hardness is required for dimensional stability combined with longevity.

Engineering Excellence – Near Uncompromised Quality

Javelin Bipod MKII Long