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Because we're a small crew, it is important to let us know before you visit so we can ensure we have the right person here and are ready to receive you.

By vehicle

114 Tricketts Rd
West Melton
Chch 7676
Google maps:
Stager Sport sign on right side about 2/3 along the road.

Via Christchurch Airport

We are conveniently located only 20min from Chch airport and very easy to find by initially following sign posts to the West Coast SHWY 76.
If you are attending a Blaser NZ Experience, we will pick you up and drop you off to the airport personally.

By Helicopter

STAGER HLZ 1 is located at 172.354724, -43.530198
Size: 23 x 23m, Shape: square, Surface: grass, Slope: negligible, Surrounds: trees to 50ft, Obstacle: One bush in SW corner.
Prefer tail orientated towards West while in pad for safety. If pad too tight we have an adjacent larger alternate HLZ available.
Please call ahead with ETA. Note we are located inside NZT856 Sandy Knolls VFR transit lane.
Beware of horses in nearby properties and avoid overflight of buildings on approach.

Our postal address for returns

114 Tricketts Rd
West Melton 7676
New Zealand