A-Tec Suppressors


Full range available. Call or email for more info and specs. Examples below:


A-Tec – The Science of Silence




“Ultimate suppression for heavy barrelled rifles in large bore rifle calibres. Ideal for heavy recoiling long range calibres such as 300 Norma Mag, 338 Lapua Mag and 375/408 CeyTac. The unique patented built in muzzle brake and baffle design supplies maximum dampening. The internal design coupled with its sheer volume mean this units suppression is second to none. http://www.a-tec.no/hertz/a-tec-megahertz-plus”  




“The state of the art in hunting suppressor design. Available in variants as light as 280gm while still providing up to 30DB suppression. This is the ultimate light weight suppressor for those who count every last gram when hunting in NZ alpine conditions. Suitable for calibres up to common magnums such as 300 Win mag. http://www.a-tec.no/carbon




“The Millihertz provides the perfect option for those wanting less bulk and silhouette in order to maintain the aesthetic lines of their rifle. Using the same patented design as the rest of the Hertz range the suppressor provides excellent dampening and recoil reduction. Suitable for all calibres in all rifles without heavy profile barrels. http://www.a-tec.no/hertz


A-LOCK MINI changes how you attach and detach your silencer. It changes what you look for in a silencer and it will change your view on threads. You want a silencer with A-LOCK mini: 

With A-LOCK mini you attach and detach your silencer with a short 60 degree twist using similar amount of force/torque as with regular threads. It takes literally less than a second. The durable design withstands wear and tear better than regular threads.

A-LOCK mini will be made to fit most threads so you will not have to change the thread on your barrel.

Available threads for a-lock mini:
½”-20 UNF | ½”-28 UNEF | 5/8”-24 UNEF 
M13x1 | M14x1 | M14x1,5 | M15x1 | M17x1 | M18x1