In-Line Repeating

Fast as lighting with a relaxed posture:  The bolt handle is located in an ergonomically perfect position just above the trigger guard.  Rifle and eye remain focused on the target giving more time to aim exactly and ensure a perfect shot.


"Blind" Magazine Exchange

Easy and fast: The magazine buttons can be operated "blindly" due to their perfect positioning above the trigger.  When pushing both buttons at the same time, the magazine releases straight into the shooter;s hand.  A second, loaded magazine can be inserted extremely fast without looking.


Magazine capacity:

  • Calibre group Mini: 5+1

  • Calibre group Standard: 4+1

  • Calibre group Magnum: 3+1


Double Loading Option

The R8 can be loaded and unloaded both ways, with the magazine taken out or left inside the rifle.  With an open bolt, cartridges can be inserted or removed from the top of the magazine very quickly and easily.


IC - One Move, Two Functions

Cocking the R8 automatically activates the illumnated reticle:  When fitted with the iC function in combination with a Blaser iC rifle scope, it only takes one movement to make the R8 ready to shoot and switch on the illuminated reticle at its last adjustment intensity. iC stands for Illumination Control.



For the past decades Blaser's manual cocking system has set the benchmark.  It is acknowledged as one of the safest worldwide.  There is no mechanical safety system that guarantees the safety of an un-cocked firing spring.  The R8 is cocked the very moment before shooting.  Should the shot not be taken, by simply pressing down on the cocking lever, the lever will slide back smoothly.  Once again the firing pin spring is un-cocked.


Protection Against Misuse

If the magazine with integrated trigger guard is taken out, the cocking lever can not be set in cocked position, In any case, this is the safest protection against unauthorized use!


Automatic De-cocking

Removing the magazine unit automatically unlocks the cocking lever, so that it can slide back in it's de-cocked position.  This is an important safety feature should a cartridge be left in the barrel.


No Unintentional Bolt Opening

Once it is locked, it stays locked: If the R8 is decocked with a locked bolt, the bolt handle is blocked.  To safely open the bolt, the cocking lever needs to be pushed forward approximately 3 mm / 1.8" while simultaneously pulling back on the bolt handle.  This slight movement does not cock the rifle.



Blaser Precision Trigger

From thought impulse to accurate shot without any delay:  the excellent, crisp characteristics of the R8 trigger are among the essentials of precise shooting.


Forged Barrel & Chamber

Precision and durability:  Not only barrel but also chamber are cold hammer forged in most calibers.  Barrel and chamber are perfectly concentric.

Barrel Bedding At An Optimum

Hitting the target from the first shot:  The large-scale bedding of the barrel exclusively in the solid receiver guarantees repeatable accuracy when exchanging the barrel.  Stock deformation due to extreme climate can never affect the position of the barrel.



Blaser Saddle Mount

Barrel and rifle scope form one accurate unit:  The notches that hold the mounting base are positioned directly above the chamber.  The barrel floats freely while the point of impact remains constant.


Blaser Radial Locking System

Stability and reliable accuracy: The extremely strong, concentric locking system locks directly in the barrel without rotary motion.

Perfect Stock Design

The relaxed positioning of the hand reduces the danger of "flinching".  The R8 pistol grip with a steeper angle, distinct palm swell and optimal cast, provides the idea grip.  The straight comb transfers recoil forces horizontally to the shooter's shoulder giving less felt recoil and less muzzle movement.

Around The World With One Rifle

Trigger, stock length, handling - everything remains just the way you are used to: thanks to exchangable barrels, the R8 is the ideal companion on all continents no matter what kind of game you hunt.


Changing Stocks When Needed

In case you are expecting bad weather or rugged terrain, the precious wooden stock can be preserved by simply replacing it with the R8 Professional synthetic stock.


Changing Rifle Scopes Easily

Ever barrel is prepared for the Original Blaser Saddle Mount.  Each rifle scope and illuminated dot sight that is zeroed to the barrel can be interchanged.

Open Sights

Quickest target acquisition when shooting at short distances and in dense undergrowth:  The white contrast line in the sights and the white front sight are always easy to recognise, even in poor lighting conditions.  The open sights are made of steel and thus durable.  They also harmonically match the R8's contour.

For left-hand shooters
Most R8 models are available as a true left-hand version including stock, bolt assembly and ejection. 

R8 Intuition
Features a purpose-built stock which takes into account the anatomy of women.


Short cut
The unique design of the R8 magazine above the trigger allows the overall length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt action rifle.
Perfect balance
The well-balanced weight distribution allows for fast handling and quick target acquisition.
Easy take-down
More comfort when stalking over long distances: The R8 is stripped down, packed away and reassembled in a matter of seconds without the slightest change in the point of impact.

Blaser R8

Conventional Bolt action 


Quick take down – easily cleaned
Even when in the bush, the R8 can be taken down and reassembled within a few seconds. Snow, dirt, leaves or needles are easily removed.

Desmodromic trigger mechanism
Maximum reliability – even when iced or heavily soiled. The trigger system of the R8 is force-controlled. Cycling the receiver automatically resets the trigger.

Locked magazine
The R8 magazine is only released when simultaneously pressing both release buttons. Accidental drop out of the magazine by unintentionally pushing the release buttons is thus virtually impossible. In addition, both release buttons can be locked by a lever inside the magazine.

Excellently protected 
The closed construction of the R8 receiver prevents damage caused by foreign objects. When the magazine is stored outside the rifle, a protective cover keeps the dirt out. All metal parts are either made of rustproof material or protected against corrosion with a specific finish. The inside of the barrel and chamber are polished and only need conventional care.

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