Synthetic Stock Models:                 

 The R8 models with synthetic stocks are designed for hard use: 

The specially developed recoil pad combines outstanding recoil reduction with excellent sliding characteristics.

  • Depending on the model stocks are available in dark green-black, dark brown on most models, some models also offer black and savanna stock colour options. There is also a Carbon fibre 

  • Elastomer inlays on the fore-end and pistol grip for secure grip and aiming even in wet conditions or in some models Leather inlays, colours: maroon, terracotta, sand, black or teak

  • Standard bolt handle comes as a grained, non-slip surface. This can be changed to a variety of options.

Target shooters have been using thumbhole rifle stocks for years. This gives them a ergonomic relaxed fit for accurate shooting. 

So Blaser have designed a stock for hunters use.

As hunters are not aiming at inanimate targets, but are striving to cleanly kill live game, the perfect stock is essential.

Once a hunter has tried a thumbhole stock, they rarely want to use anything else.

The R8 Professional Success is also available as compact Stutzen version

Key points in the Professional Success stock being:

  • ergonomically optimized stock

  • provides a relaxed posture of hand and arm in any shooting position

  • vexatious flinching is reduced to a minimum 

Wooden Stock Models:                           

The R8 models with wooden stocks: Classic elegance and Huntability. 

The wooden models of the R8 range offers all the benefits of a high-performance hunting rifle and cutting edge technology along with and elegant design and natural beauty of selective walnut wood

As the first hunting rifle manufacturer ever to do so, Blaser divides the quality of stock wood into grades. Within the grades up to 11 all quality features are considered that determine the value of the stock. From plain heartwood in the middle of the trunk up to the very rare, precious pieces of root wood.

The colour of the stock wood plays its own, very individual part when it comes to a personal judgement: from honey yellow over brown shades having a tint towards red, up to very dark walnut brown. Everyone has their own preferences. When it comes to wood as a natural product, it is a good thing to have the choice and to be able to choose an absolutely unique and individual piece.

Wood Grades are able to be changed, this gives the customer the ability to select the desired look of the wooden walnut stock. 

From wood grade 6 and above the customer has the opportunity to select the desired wood from the look for their R8- ensuring the wood is what the customer is after 

The R8 Success Mono, Success, Success Black edition and Success Silence combines a the harmony of wood elegance and ergonomic fit.

  • Again in the wooden stocks the ergonomically perfect Blaser thumbhole stock provides a completely relaxed posture for wrist and arm in any firing position, ensuring consistently good shooting. These are further reinforced with steel bracing for extra strength around the the thumbhole.

The R8 Silence and Silence Success:

  • designed to protect the hearing of both hunter and dog.

  •  even mass distribution over the entire barrel

  • The outer contour of barrel and silencer jacket boasts a smooth bull barrel design

  •  low weight and an extremely attractive overall appearance


R8 Intuition:


  • Blaser now offers a rifle featuring a purpose built stock that takes into account the anatomy of women.

  • Combination of a slender pistol grip and an optimally designed Monte Carlo stock

  • This maximizes comfort and provides ample surface area for a proper cheek weld to the stock allowing the huntress to fully unlock the potential of the R8.

  • The R8 Intuition is only available in models featuring a wooden stock.

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R8 Caliber Overview: