BLASER F3                 

- Best in class




Blaser F3 Trigger: 


The mechanical design of the single selective trigger in the F3  is crucial in the milliseconds of intuitive shooting thus giving you significant advantage.

The shorter the lock time the more accurate the shot will be. Along with the fast lock time you must have optimal trigger control.

The F3 trigger breaks as crisp as glass at 1,400g with an extremely short length of travel.

This ideal combination allows the shooter to realize his or her full potential without any delay in firing the shot.

The barrel selector is conveniently located in front of the trigger and is marked for identification.

The purely mechanical selective single trigger operates independent of recoil. The trigger blade can be adjusted for a customized length of pull to insure ideal finger placement.


Blaser IBS®: Anti-Double System: 


The Inertial Block System (IBS) prevents manual fan firing or doubling (the unintentional firing of a second shot). Many conventional single trigger systems use solutions that are detrimental to the ideal trigger-pull weight or trigger characteristics. Thanks to IBS, the F3 trigger combines the highest possible level of safety with first-class trigger characteristics.

Linear Guidance of Firing Pin: 

The linear guidance of the striker and firing pin allows for the best possible transfer of kinetic energy and thus lightning fast ignition.


Lowest Profile Receiver:


The low receiver provides an exceptionally low centre of gravity. This makes the F3 extremely pointable and dynamic, therfore setting you up for a better shot.


Blaser Balancer: 


When you are swinging and the barrel points exactly where your eye focuses, you can be sure that the weight distribution of your shotgun is perfectly adjusted to your needs. To achieve ideal performance the bulk of the weight should lay right between your hands. The overall weight distribution should then be fine-tuned to your personal preference. Two features of the F3 ensure that this is the case: the balancer and the low position of the bore axis. The Blaser balancer system makes it possible for the F3 to be flexibly adapted to every shooter and any shooting style: swing-through, pull-away, maintained- lead or move-mount-shoot. The Blaser competition balancing system consists of two components. It comprises a stock balancer and barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be fitted with one or two moveable weight cylinders. The barrel balancer allows you to add up to an additional 170g to the gun.


Triplex® Bore Design: 


Three construction characteristics combine to provide optimized muzzle velocity, a homogeneous shot pattern and help dampen recoil:

  • Innovative, extremely flat forcing cone with an angle of 2.5°. The shot stream passes into the cylindrical barrel as smoothly as possible with minimal deformation and without any dangerous increase in pressure.

  • “Overbore” internal diameter of 18.65mm (0.735").

  • 12/76 gauge with additional steel shot proofing.




Blaser EBS® – Ejection Ball System: 


Whether or not you hit your target is decided before you even mount your shotgun. Smooth movements controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the keys to success. The entire process starts when closing the shotgun. Conventional ejector systems cock their ejector springs when the gun is closed, which leads to increased resistance and weak ejection over time. This resistance interferes with the smooth flow of movements and disturbs the shooter's concentration. The EBS. system activates the ejectors when a shot is fired and cocks them when opening the gun. The ejector springs are always decocked when the gun is stored in order to prevent spring fatigue. Resistance when closing the gun is always kept to a minimum, whether the ejectors were previously activated or not.

Optimal Hinge Operation: 


The exceptionally soft barrel closure also helps the shooter to keep their concentration exclusively focused on the target before taking the shot.

High-Quality Workmanship: The high-quality materials used for the F3 are as uncompromising as its design. The outstanding physical properties of the gun are achieved through the use of the latest computer controlled heat treatment processes, for instance the nitro-carburization of the F3 receiver.


Solid Locking Wedge: 

The solid locking wedge combines a generous locking surface in combination with a locking plate at the bottom of the action to provide the highest level of locking safety.


Minimal Strain on the Locking Mechanism: 

Strain on the locking mechanism during shooting is exceptionally low thanks to the optimized geometry of the low positioned bore axis and the high positioned hinge pin. As a result the F3 is designed to last a lifetime.


Strengthened shot: 

The F3 has been designed for the use of steel shot and is officially certified as such. (Magnum proofed with additional steel shot proofing).

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