New OPTIMA Range by A-Tec

Do you think our A-Tec Hertz suppressors on the suppressor test were good? These are even better….


  • Alloy body with stainless steel internal baffle arrangement gives them the ultimate combination of light weight with high durability! These are about the same weight as our remarkable carbon models but with ultra-durability and heat resistance!

  • Quick release A-Lock system. No more winding on threads, attach or detach the unit with a quarter twist! So fast!

  • Epic decibel reduction ratings.

  • Perfect diameter to suit all rifles without being too bulky.

  • Removable mid baffle section to reduce the length past the muzzle when desired!

  • All magnum rated!

  • Removable mid baffle section to reduce the length past the muzzle when desired! Being modular and made of three unscrewable modules, if it’s too long you can remove the middle section and shoot it this way to make a more compact suppressor.

  • Available as:

  • Optima 45, 45mm diameter with over barrel setup: 29dB

    • RRP $699, includes 1 x A-Lock adaptor

  • Optima 45 Front, 45mm diameter muzzle forward, perfect for AR’s or rifles with sights: 28dB

    • RRP $599, including 1 x A-Lock

  • Optima 60, 60mm diameter, overbarrel amazing 35dB noise reduction!!!!

    • RRP $799, including 1 x A-Lock

  • Extra A-Lock adaptors are $150, so you can fit them to all your rifles! All mainstream muzzle threads catered for.

  • A-Tec QD muzzle brake can be fitted to A-Lock adaptor in seconds! $199

  • These suppressors are setting a new bench mark for the best suppressors on the market. They represent the ultimate balance of weight, bulk, durability, noise reduction, versatility and precision!



With A-LOCK mini you attach and detach your silencer with a short 60 degree twist using similar amount of force/torque as with regular threads. It takes literally less than a second. The durable design withstands wear and tear better than regular threads.

A-LOCK mini will be made to fit most threads so you will not have to change the thread on your barrel.


Available threads for a-lock mini:
½”-20 UNF | ½”-28 UNEF | 5/8”-24 UNEF 
M13x1 | M14x1 | M14x1,5 | M15x1 | M16x1 | M17x1 |M18x1

For more information or to order from the OPTIMA range, please contact us on 

NZL 03 44 888 44